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Sustainable Development Goals

Empowering Women in Tanzania's Extractive Industry

Submitted by Web Master on 4 March 2024

As International Women’s Day draws near, the spotlight turns to the pivotal role of women within Tanzania's extractive industry. In a recent dialogue, stakeholders came together to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse contributions of women in this sector, recognizing their resilience in overcoming significant challenges. The conversation aimed to promote inclusivity and drive positive change within the extractive industry landscape.

Revamp In The Tanzania Education Sector

Submitted by Web Master on 8 February 2024

In an increasingly interconnected world, education policies may emphasize the development of global competence, including intercultural understanding, language proficiency, and awareness of global issues. This could involve integrating global perspectives into the curriculum, promoting international exchange programs, and providing professional development for educators in the sector.

REMINDER: Policy Forum's Breakfast Debate: Towards Sustainable Development: Reflecting The 2023 Tanzania Voluntary National Review Report

Submitted by Web Master on 24 August 2023

Dear Stakeholder,

You are cordially invited to the 8:00 Breakfast Debate on Friday 25 August 2023, on "Towards Sustainable Development: Reflecting The 2023 Tanzania Voluntary National Review Report" 

The presentation will be provided by Joseph Richard  Malekia , Senior Economist at National Planning Division, Ministry of Finance (MOF)

The venue will be at BRITISH COUNCIL AUDITORIUM, Dar es Salaam from 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM EAT.

The Crisis of Extreme Inequality in SADC: Fighting austerity and the COVID-19 pandemic

Submitted by Web Master on 24 June 2022

Since the dawn of history, poverty and human deprivation have been recognized as the most central challenges and constraints to the development of human society and human beings. Sitting alongside these is the issue of wealth, its creation, possession, distribution, and our attitude towards it.

Strengthening Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Submitted by Web Master on 20 September 2019

Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Zanzibar Development Vision 2020 are the main blueprints for the country’s economic transformation towards a middle-income country in 2025 as well as the main vehicles for Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation in Tanzania. Data from the Tanzania Civil Society Report on the SDGs shows that over the last decade, Tanzania has recorded economic growth averaging at 6.6 percent per year making the country one of the fastest growing economies in Sub Saharan Africa.

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