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Empowering Women in Tanzania's Extractive Industry

Submitted by Web Master on 4 March 2024

As International Women’s Day draws near, the spotlight turns to the pivotal role of women within Tanzania's extractive industry. In a recent dialogue, stakeholders came together to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse contributions of women in this sector, recognizing their resilience in overcoming significant challenges. The conversation aimed to promote inclusivity and drive positive change within the extractive industry landscape.

Domestic Resource Mobilization in Tanzania's Extractive Sector for Climate Financing

Submitted by Web Master on 3 November 2023

The world has been hugely affected by the plight of climate change. Tanzania is not immune to this global challenge. Indeed, current data shows that while Tanzania is one of the least emitters of greenhouse gases, it is one of the most affected countries. Indeed, the country is ranked 10th in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) regarding the frequency of natural disasters occurrence. Moreover, the frequency of flood occurrence in Tanzania has grown by 45%, while the same has declined in SSA and the rest of the world by 14% and 15%. 

Darubini: Tanzania and the Energy Transition: Potential, Progress and Challenges

Submitted by Web Master on 30 May 2023

The global debate on the energy transition is also heating up in African countries. It relates to the urgent need for climate change adaptation, resilience, and mitigation as highlighted by the Paris Agreement of 2015. This agreement committed member countries to limit global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Uwazi na Ushiriki wa Wananchi katika Ukusanyaji na Ugawaji wa Ushuru wa Huduma Unaotokana na Uchimbaji Madini. Mikoa ya Geita na Mara

Submitted by Web Master on 22 May 2023

Sekta ya madini nchini Tanzania imepitia mageuzi makubwa ya kisheria na kisera tangu mwanzoni mwa mwaka 2000. Mabadiliko haya yalilenga zaidi kuhakikisha Tanzania kama nchi na hasa wananchi wake wanapata manufaa zaidi kutokana na maliasili waliyopewa na Mungu. Hata hivyo, manufaa hayo yanaweza kupatikana tu ikiwa utawala wa sekta ya madini kupitia ushiriki wa wananchi katika ukusanyaji na ugawaji wa mapato kutoka sekta hiyo utaboreshwa.

Local Content in Tanzania: Is It Well Managed and Delivering?

Submitted by Web Master on 22 May 2023

The reality that abundant natural resources do not automatically translate into benefi ts to economies and citizens of countries where natural resources are mined has been recently appreciated by countries across the globe. To redress the situation, most resource-rich countries have embraced resource-nationalist legal frameworks to enhance the maximization of public economic rents and strategic public ownership and facilitate developmental spill overs to local economies.

Transparency and Citizen Participation in Collecting and Distributing Mining Service Levies: The case study of Geita and Mara

Submitted by Web Master on 25 August 2022

Tanzania’s mining sector has recently experienced tremendous changes in its legal and policy frameworks. Generally, the said reforms were aimed at ensuring that country’s natural resources benefit all Tanzanians, particularly through government revenue collection and corresponding distribution. Citizen participation is key in collecting and distributing revenues from mining operations.

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