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Social Accountability

Extracts from Social Accountability Monitoring Outcome Harvesting Workshop: The fruits of engaging with officials

Submitted by Web Master on 22 May 2015

Engaging with government officials during Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) interventions is key to harvesting good outcomes.This was emphasized by SAM practitioners during a five-day workshop organized by Policy Forum in collaboration with the Public ServiceAccountability Monitor (PSAM), Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) and ActionAid-Tanzania that took place in Dodoma on the 18th – 22ndof May 2015.

The Engagement of Government, Citizens and CSOs In Social Accountability Monitoring

Submitted by Web Master on 16 February 2015

The Ileje District Commissioner has hailed the support extended by civil society organisations in her district and admitted her own work would have been more difficult in their absence. Rosemary Staki Senyamule acknowledged the work done by IRDO, MIICO, Restless Development and Policy Forum to name a few and advised government to see CSOs more than just faultfinders but partners in development.

Power sector fraud tests the Tanzanian government’s integrity and accountability

Submitted by Web Master on 16 December 2014

Following the recent tabling and discussion of the Controller and Auditor General's (CAG) report on the Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) Tegeta Escrow Account (TEA) in parliament and the subsequent public outcry regarding revelations of unprecedented fraud, we, the undersigned Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)  wish to communicate our joint position on the controversy.

Policy Forum Breakfast Debate on Working with Government to Enhance Accountability:The Business case for ethical conduct

Submitted by Web Master on 30 September 2014

The Private sector in Tanzania has been urged to create incentives to promote ethical conduct in their businesses such as initiating reward schemes. The call was made by Joel Nanauka, a presenter at the debate when he was presenting on “What are the incentives for Tanzanian businesses to conduct their operations in an ethical manner?” during the Policy Forum breakfast debate slated 26th September 2014.

Demanding Accountability from Government: what can civil society and Parliament do?

Submitted by Web Master on 1 July 2014


“A fundamental element of social accountability is for citizens and CSOs to have access to accurate and relevant information regarding public policies, programs, services, budgets, and expenditures.”

This was revealed at the Policy Forum Breakfast Debate held on 27th June 2014 by Mr. Abongile Sipondo from the Public Social Accountability Monitor (PSAM), South Africa who presented a preliminary study conducted in Tanzania on the challenges and opportunities of applying PSAM’s Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) Approach in Tanzania.

Using Movies to convey the Accountability Message: Kijiji cha Tambua Haki film broadcast at Kanumba Day Event

Submitted by Web Master on 11 April 2014


Policy Forum recently took part in the Kanumba Day, to commemorate the late Steven Kanumba, a film Director and actor who had worked with the network to dramatise the Social Accountability Monitoring concept.

The screenplay concept that Policy Forum, its scriptwriters and Kanumba jointly developed, resulted in the production of the movie “Kijiji cha Tambua Haki”, a tale that depicts the everyday struggles of rural community members in the fight for accountable local governance.

Social Accountability Monitoring in Ludewa District

Submitted by Web Master on 24 March 2014

In early 2013, SDC, a core funder of Policy Forum (PF), set up a Social Accountability Small Grants Fund (SASG) aimed at supporting CSOs working at the local level to complement advocacy efforts of national level organisations such as PF and reinforcing links between work at the national and local levels. The central hypothesis behind this is to draw out experiences at local level and use them to impact national level policy processes.

Social Accountability Monitoring in the health sector in Ileje: The promises and challenges

Submitted by Web Master on 11 September 2013

In May 2010, Policy Forum (PF) and MIICO (Mbozi, Ileje and Isangati Consortium) entered into a partnership to implement Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) in Mbeya region. Specifically, MIICO stakeholders in Ileje selected the health sector in Ileje District Council to begin their SAM intervention in the region. The intervention began with PF training MIICO staff followed by the introduction of SAM to Ileje District officials.

Social Accountability Practitioners from SADC countries set for Dar meet

Submitted by Web Master on 25 August 2013

Social Accountability practitioners from Southern Africa will meet in Dar es Salaam this week to share information and to dialogue on the best ways to monitor public resources for the interest of communities in the region and to learn from one another on different ways of advocating for changes that lead to improved service delivery to the people.

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