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  • Inclusive Policy Ecosystem
  • Improving lives of Tanzanians
    Policy and processes that help in poverty reduction
  • Inclusive Decision Making
    Equitable use of public resources & inclusive governance
  • Smallholder Farmers
    Government should ensure the availability of extension services to the farmers
  • Development in Informal Sector
    Youth are an integral part and 2/3 of the national workforce

Policy Forum is incorporated as a Non-Governmental Organization with registration number NGO/R2/00015. Policy Forum (PF) is a network of over 60 Tanzanian civil society organizations established in 2003 and drawn together by their specific interest in augmenting the voice of ordinary citizens to influence policy processes that help in poverty reduction, equity, and democratization with a specific focus on public money accountability at both central and local levels

2021 Plan presents key priorities the network intends to undertake in first year of its 4-year strategic plan (2021-2024) and how it will measure successful delivery of its work to contribute to Improved quality of life through equitable use of public resources and inclusive governance. To achieve its desired change which underpins PF’s vision and mission, the annual plan’s implementations intend to influence policies for enhanced accountability and equitable use of public resources through strengthened efficient 

People and Policies Debates

In 2021 We Held 10 Breakfast debates In Dar es Salaam

Access to tools, platforms, and open spaces to effectively engage on policy issues

New Participants
Government Officials
PF members using the platform
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