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The 2021 Annual Plan presents the key priority areas the PF network intends to undertake in its first year of its 4-year strategic plan (2021-2024) and how it will measure successful delivery of this work to contribute to Improved quality of life through equitable use of public resources and inclusive governance. To achieve its desired change which underpins PF’s vision and mission, this annual plan’s implementations intend to influence policy processes for enhanced accountability and equitable use of public resources through strengthened efficient and logical engagements with government.

This annual plan not only outlines the work PF will deliver over the course of 2021 but also provides the network with a baseline to report against its performance each of the remaining years of the new strategic plan. 2021 promises to promote improved knowledge application by members and CSOs as well as strengthening nascent strategic collaborations and coalitions with different stakeholders geared towards enhancing accountability and equity in the use of public resources.

To aid Policy Forum in attaining its planned outcomes, the network will focus on the following four outcome areas:

  • Outcome 1:  Enhanced PF members’ influence in equitable use of public resources and inclusive governance through applied knowledge and adaptation
  • Outcome 2: Strengthened efficient engagement for inclusive decision-making that enhance equitable and accountable use of public resources
  • Outcome 3: Cultivated participatory learning and adaptation that promote partnerships for evidence-based advocacy to improve inclusive governance
  • Outcome 4: Augmented PF institutional capacity to improve governance and management of resources