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Imechapishwa na Policy Forum

Tanzania’s realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Five Year Development Plan II (FYDP II 2016/17- 2020/21) largely depends on its ability to effectively mobilize sufficient, predictable, reliable and timely domestic financial resources. We, the members of the Tanzania Tax Justice Coalition, a loose coalition of Civil Society Organizations interested in advocating for a just and transparent tax system in Tanzania, would like to share our views on how the government can build on recent achievements to further raise domestic resources which in turn will help improve the quality of public service.

The coalition currently comprises of Policy Forum, Action Aid Tanzania, Kepa, Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC), Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development (TCDD), Tanzania Trade and Economic Justice Forum (TTEJF), Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA), Governance and Economic Policy Centre, Tanzania Education Network (TenMet), The Interfaith Standing Committee on Economic Justice and Integrity of Creation, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), Open Mind Tanzania, Community Development for All (CODEFA), Inter University Tax Justice Network Forum (IUTJNF) and Activista. To read more click here