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Imechapishwa na Policy Forum

Policy Forum in collaboration with PSAM conducted a three days workshop aiming to develop a collective learning agenda on SAM by drawing from trainers experiences in training and applying the PSAM approach. The workshop was held on 22nd to 23rd September at Royal Village Hotel, Dodoma Tanzania.

The workshop drew together current and potential SAM trainers from Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe and together aimed, among other thing to have improved collective understanding of what has been learnt so far in the application so far in applicability of the PSAM approach through training, localization and application of the approach.

Also the workshop aimed at the end to have an improved understanding of the challenges trainers face within the social accountability field and how to address them.  And also to have insights into the ways training and application can be strengthening to improve interventions.

As the wayforwad, the workshop at the end will compel evidence from the participants that tests the applicability of the PSAM approach by assessing if the demand side actors gain a better understanding of public resource management as a system and whether from the supply side will act on this demand. Also weather the approach have the explanatory power that is whether the change in supply side was caused by a better understanding of the determination of service delivery problems