Policy Forum's TV Spot on the Freedom of Information


Members of the Policy Forum Local Government Working Group have produced a TV spot with a theme on the freedom of information, aiming at sensitizing citizens to demand information and the government to provide information. The spot is currently being broadcasted on ITV and TBC during the pre and mid news. To see the advert please click on the following link:




For Immediate Release


Effectively and efficient use of natural resources for public benefit

Salvation of Tanzania: The role of Faith-based Communities in Tackling Corruption


Stakeholders have called upon the government to work more closely with faith based organizations to tackle corruption.

Policy Forum Assesses Its Community Radio Programmes on Awareness, Understanding and Accountability in Lindi and Mtwara


Policy Forum (PF) is conducting a study to probe its radio programmes on Social Accountability in Lindi and Mtwara regions from 18th to 22nd September, 2016. The programmes were aired since 2015 in three radio stations namely Info Radio FM (Mtwara), Mashujaa FM (Lindi) and Safari FM (Mtwara).

Five Year Development Plan II: How does it address gender issues?


Pindi Chana

Picture: Dr. Pindi Chana of the Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) talking with the press after the debate

Addressing gender inequality at both local and national levels will require the effective intervention of stakeholders in all sectors, it has been stressed. The call was made by Prof. Marjorie, a member of TGNP Mtandao, during the monthly Policy Forum 'Breakfast Debate' held on 26th August 2016 at British Council Auditorium.

Audit institutions urged to collaborate with CSOs and citizens to make audit reports more meaningful


Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) have been urged to collaborate with other stakeholders including CSOs and the media and the general public so as to make their audit reports be more meaningful. The call was made recently at a meeting hosted by the National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT) and the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) in Arusha Tanzania.

Statement of the Coalition for an Effective SADC Tribunal on Reinstatement of the SADC Tribunal (with access to individuals), addressed to the SADC member states (17/08/2016)


On the occasion of the 36th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC Summit), we the undersigned members of the Coalition for an Effective SADC Tribunal, are raising serious concerns over state parties insistence in denying access to justice to the citizenry of this region as per the revised SADC Tribunal Protocol. The Protocol strips the Tribunal of its jurisdiction to hear complaints from individual citizens of SADC.

Enhancing Governance and Human Rights in the new Tanzania: A Civil Society Perspective


After nearly Eight months into the new Magufuli administration, stakeholders in Tanzania met at the Policy Forum Breakfast Debate held on the 29th of July 2016 to discuss and reflect on the role of civil society in enhancing governance and human rights in the current political context.

Policy Forum (PF) has launched its sixth Tanzania Governance Review


Policy Forum (PF) has launched its sixth Tanzania Governance Review that looks at the quality of governance in the country and covers major events and trends in aspects including management of state finances by central and local government, the efficiency and effectiveness of state-provided services, public procurement, tax collection and exemptions and the performance of internal and external accountability processes.

Kiteto Councilors Urged to be Accountable in implementing their Roles


Kiteto councilors committed themselves to demand for explanations, justifications and clarifications from their authorities in the course of executing their roles in serving the Tanzanian citizens. This was said by Kiteto councilors during a training on their roles and responsibilities in social accountability monitoring (SAM) conducted by the Policy Forum Local Government Working Group to 31 councilors in Kiteto on 18th-23rd July 2016.


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