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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

Tanzania has experienced significant economic growth over the last decade. Although the poverty rate in the country has declined, the absolute number of poor has not because of the high population growth rate. As a result, children still face many challenges including violence, malnutrition, poor healthcare and education and other basic services.

We are dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. From our start in Tanzania in 1981, we have grown to be one of the largest humanitarian and development organisations in the country, working in 14 out 33 regions across 41 districts.

We seek to contribute to the measurable improvement in the sustained well-being of 15 million girls and boys especially the most vulnerable.


Livelihoods and Resilience

Our goal is that Tanzanian smallholder farmer households provide well for their children through resilient livelihoods.

We are working towards this by:

a. Increasing household food security and income through on-farm and off-farm activities

b. Improving sustainable natural resources management

c. Improving communities’ ability to cope with shocks, stresses, emergencies and vulnerabilities

d. Promoting mindset transformation through Empowered World View

Health Nutrition and WASH

We want to ensure that households and communities are empowered for sustainable access and utilization of strengthened maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition systems for the well-being of children by 2020. We are working towards this by: 

Equipping parents/caregivers with food preservation and feeding knowledge and skills

a. Equipping community resource persons, extension workers, government service providers with knowledge and skills to promote Maternal, Infant and Young Child nutrition practices and services

b. Equipping community structures and peer support groups with knowledge and skills on good nutrition practices.

c. Empowering  existing community groups /committees on Citizen Voice and Actions and advocate for health services depending on the contextual needs of the community

d. Ensuring that children, mothers and pregnant women have access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services

e. Improving access to age-appropriate nutrition and health care  in emergency settings for pregnant women, lactating, children under-five and other vulnerable groups

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