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Managing Natural Resources: Wildlife Stakeholders Pointed the Finger at the Conflicting Legislation

Submitted by Web Master on 7 March 2019

Stakeholders of the wildlife conservation have urged the government to align conflicting Acts that affect wildlife and tourism sectors for better conservation and management. The stakeholders voiced their concern during the Policy Forum’s February Breakfast Debate entitled “Challenges of Managing Natural Resources with Conflicting Legislation: The Case of The Wildlife Act”. One among the conflicting legislation is the Wildlife Act and Mining legislation. The chairperson of Tanzania Parliamentarian Friends of Environment (TAPAFE), Hon.

Tanzania Natural Forest Forum (TNRF)

Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

TNRF was formed in 2001 as the Wildlife Working Group (WWG) by a small informal group of people wishing to promote a new rights-based approach for addressing critical natural resource management issues in Tanzania.

This approach holds that natural resource management challenges should not be simply approached as technical and often isolated 'conservation' issues. Instead, resource management needs to be achieved holistically taking into consideration the integrated management of different resource bases, such as forests, fisheries, wildlife and rangelands.

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