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Statement Of CSO Representatives At The Opening Of The Annual National Policy Dialogue

Submitted by Web Master on 27 January 2012

Your Excellency the guest of honour, Honourable Peter Mizengo Pinda – The Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania,

Distinguished guests at the high table,

Your Excellency representatives of diplomatic missions,

Representatives from government, private sector and civil society organizations,

Members of the press,

Ladies and gentlemen, a very good morning to you all.

Statement of CSO representatives at opening of Annual National Policy Dialogue

Submitted by Web Master on 2 December 2010

On behalf of my fellow members from Civil Society Organizations, many of whom have greatly contributed to the content of this speech, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the government of Tanzania for extending this invitation to participate at this annual policy dialogue. The presence of non state actors in this meeting indicates the recognition of the vital contribution CSOs have to the development agenda of Tanzania. Our greater expectation during the five days of this dialogue is to see our views and recommendations taken onboard by government as it implements policy.

Press Statement: Initial inputs of civil society organizations to the MKUKUTA review process and study findings

Submitted by Web Master on 23 February 2010

We, representatives of 55 Tanzanian civil society organizations and networks met in Dar es Salaam on the 18th- 19th of January 2010 under the coordination of Policy Forum, itself a network of over 90 civil society organizations to deliberate on the MKUKUTA implementation reports and the MKUKUTA review studies to be used for the drafting of MKUKUTA II.

Stakeholders discuss Tanzania's development progress

Submitted by Web Master on 28 November 2008

Various stakeholders met at the Poverty Policy Week, a three-day forum popularly known as PPW to discuss the country’s development progress. This year, the theme was “Empowering of the Poor is Fundamental in Speeding/Facilitating/Enhancing Economic Growth  and Sustainable Development”.


Submitted by Web Master on 28 October 2021

Dear Stakeholder,

You are cordially invited to the 8:00 Breakfast Debate on Friday 29th October 2021, on "Tanzania Digital Transformation Journey: What is the Contribution to Economic Growth and Social Development?".  

The presentation will be provided by Rosalynn Mworia, Director for External Affairs , Vodacom Tanzania Foundation. The discussant will be Andrew Mahiga, Director of Policy, Research, Advocacy & Lobbying at Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)

Community Development for All (CODEFA)

Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

Community Development for All (CODEFA) is a Non-governmental organisation working to ensure equitable and sustainable economic wellbeing of all communities in Mainland Tanzania. We raise awareness at grassroots level and facilitate communities critically analyse their situation, identify opportunities and obstacles to development, and organise themselves to bring about their own development. Our primary objective is to enable marginalised and vulnerable communities effectively participate in eradicating poverty.


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