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Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

Tanzania pastoralists and hunter-gatherers is a non-profit making, non political, voluntary, autonomous and independent non-governmental organisation. It gained registration in 2002 and was formulated by 53 NGOs that are working towards improvement of social economic wellbeing of pastoralists and hunter-gatherers in Tanzania.


TAPHGO has three strategic choices of working with partner organisations. The first one is capacity building, in order to facilitate strengthening of the operational capacity of leaders and staff members. The focus is in the areas of good governance, business planning, and management and fundraising skills. The second is research, documentation and information which aim to strengthen and sustain TAPHGO as a national umbrella organisation of pastoralists for pastoralists and hunter-gatherers. This broadens public participation in the policy process through a programme of research, documentation, advocacy and networking through dynamic and interactive resource centre. Thirdly, through lobbying, advocacy and networking the organisation seeks to influence national policy making practices particularly on matters related to pastoralists and hunter-gatherers.


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