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Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

Tanzania Brighter Future for Community Development Organisation (TABCO) aim to see Tanzania community out of poverty and misery and to establish the best social and economic environment to the community.


TABCO has played a big role since it began to support, sensitize, and empower the community through various activities that it implements which it conducts in its respective area of working. These include trainings on roles and rights of women in property ownership in Nyamagana and Ilemela, where by the main participants were women, men, local government leaders, wards- Baraza, religious leaders and participants from special groups. The main aim was to impart knowledge to community members on changing behavior, altitudes, customs and tradition through laws and related women policy in order to make sure that women have access the right of owning property after died of their hubbies Not only that but also the organization has played a part in sensitizing community members to participate in local budgeting process at local level and empowering them to monitor and social accountability to public expenditure tracking survey in Magu District at Mwanza Region.

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