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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

For students and teachers, Shule Direct is the flagship product. Is the Web platform that delivers qualified educational content that serves as a supplementary for learning and revision for students and a teaching resource for teachers in Secondary Schools in Tanzania.


Ndoto Hub

Is an innovation hub for social entrepreneurs providing enterprise development and leadership support for young women. We bring them together through a competitive process to access workspace, business information, knowledge, markets and networks curated for their professional and personal growth. The hub is supplemented with a digital learning platform and member led community groups.

Educational Content Repository 

For Developers This is a backend content and data management system where all our educational content is digitized, tagged and mapped to the syllabus. The online content database is structured around the digital syllabus allowing independent access to content. Our Applications Programming Interface (API) allows different platforms and applications to access the content.

Learning Management System 

Shule Direct’s Learning Management System (LMS) provides offline access to Secondary School Curriculum of Tanzania. The LMS is also a tool for content creation for teachers and it allows for interactivity and interactions amongst users i.e. students and teachers or students and parent.


MAKINI SMS is a premier mobile revision platform for Secondary School students. The educational content available on MAKINI SMS includes Short Lessons and Multiple Choice Questions for Nine Secondary School subjects. With MAKINI SMS subscription, Students can ask academic questions and get real-time response from respective teachers through the ask Ticha Kidevu feature.


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