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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

The establishment of PELO reflect back to fifteen years ago when two teachers had common questions as to why Tanzanian students are completing secondary education while not competent on communicating through English language as compared to their fellow students in neighbor countries? They conceived an idea of synergizing themselves to establish an organization that could bring answers to this question and there is where they started to share the idea with their friends and at last PELO was established in 1998 and was registered in 2000 under societies ordinance with registration number SO.10321 and in 2010 it complied with NGOs Act, 2002 with compliance certificate No.00001378.The aim of establishing PELO is to ensure equity and quality education for sustainable development.


Out-of-school youths and young adults training

This is a program which we started to implement on 18th January 2005.In 2002 and 2003 the organisation had an office in Mbeya region. It happened that in this period we were receiving some employees from public and private sector majority being Nurses, Medical assistants and Technicians who had the relevant skills with no secondary education asking on how we can help them "as promoters of education "to acquire the secondary education which they missed at their formal ages. They were claiming that lacking secondary education was a barriers to their ambitions of developing their careers. We accepted it as a need of which we developed a teaching plan that would enable them to learn without disturbing their equilibrium potentials provided some of them were working under shifts and others their working subjected them to travelling. In 2005 we started to implement the Program which we known as Training on T.O.A/RoHoSD Program. In this program we had evening full time class and class on appointment. But one year after starting the program we started to receive youths from communities who were school drop out majority being due to early pregnancies and stoppage of secondary school attendance due to poverty (orphanage and failure to pay fees).From there we saw a need of establishing morning and afternoon classes for youth school drop out.

Educational and Policy Publications

PELO receives and disseminates the free copies of publications from various organisation. Since 2005 it has been receiving and distributing to the public the publications from HakiElimu, Tanzania Education Network and Policy Forum. But also in 2007 the organisation started to publish and distribute the road safety booklet whereby until December 2010 we distributed 23,000 copies.

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