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Submitted by Web Master on 10 March 2021

WAJIBU – Institute of Public Accountability is a registered Non-governmental organization under the NGOs Act No.24 of 2002 with Registration No.00056. WAJIBU is an established think-tank institution founded with the purpose of fostering an environment that supports and promotes public accountability in Tanzania.

WAJIBU founders believe that mobilizing public engagement on the issue of public accountability is key to ensuring that progress made so far in the Public Financial Management sector is consolidated and maintained. This will only be achieved if the accountability agenda in the country is people centered; owned, managed and driven by people themselves which involves following up on the collection and use of public resources with the view of maximizing their impact in the country’s development process. The people should be in a better position to understand and demand accountability from duty bearers.


Citizens Demanding Accountability

Through public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS) and social accountability monitoring (SAM) activities, citizens have been demanding accountability in the collection and use of public resources from duty bearers. WAJIBU offers simplified accountability information materials to aid PETS and SAM activities at grassroots level enabling the Civil Society Organizations to sensitize the citizens to demand accountability.

Implementation Rate Of Oversight Recommendations

The oversight institutions recommendations and directives on accountability have been implemented where WAJIBU enhances the cause of its implementation. The rate overall of implementation is still below 50% country wide therefore calling for more effort and collaboration to improve the rate of implementation of these recommendations and directives.

Dialogue On Issues Of Public Accountability

Accountability is a process whereby dialogue, collaboration, engagement and networking are required to achieve it. WAJIBU collaborates with strategic state and non-state actor through platforms and forums that promote accountability in the country. 

Fight Against Corruption

Corruption is cancer that eats up both individual and collective rights, it has to be prevented by all means and fought hard by all individuals. WAJIBU conducts Utouh’s Accountability Lecture Series at learning institutions that intends to prepare the youth in the fight against corruption before employment. These lectures are informative, engaging and innovative in educating the youth on the problem of corruption. So far 9,000 youths have been sensitized on fighting corruption through this program.

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