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Submitted by Web Master on 17 July 2023

Monica Kyando, a passionate RYC from Utengule Usongwe ward in Mbeya DC, had the privilege of participating in a transformative training program organized by Policy Forum under the EOL project, implemented through the KUYENDA alliance. The training equipped Monica with the ability to identify various challenges that hindered access to education within her ward, including issues related to infrastructure, shortage of science teachers, books, and dormitories.

In March 2023, Monica embarked on a visit to Mbalizi 1, Mtakuja, and Msalala primary schools within her ward. During her visit, she engaged in meaningful discussions with representatives from the school committees to gain insights into the challenges faced by students in their pursuit of education. Monica also took the opportunity to interact with students, teachers, and parents, understanding their perspectives and the obstacles they encountered. These challenges included long distances to school, inadequate classroom infrastructure, and the lack of prioritization for students with disabilities.

Monica's visit brought to light the commendable initiatives undertaken by Msalala Primary School, where construction projects were already underway. The construction aimed to address issues of student overcrowding, improve hygiene and health standards, and mitigate the burden of long distances. However, additional needs such as teachers' houses, dormitories, and latrines still required attention.

Monica Kyando's story exemplifies the importance of firsthand experiences and understanding the ground realities in addressing educational challenges. By actively engaging with stakeholders and observing the existing conditions, Monica seeks to raise awareness about the pressing needs within the education system. Her journey represents a commitment to advocating for the resources and infrastructure necessary to ensure equal access to quality education for all students in her community.