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Submitted by Web Master on 17 July 2023

In the transformative training program that focused on accountability, structure, system, and coordination in the Education sector, organized by Policy Forum through the EOL project under the KUYENDA alliance, the RYCs were filled with an unwavering determination to ensure that students had a voice in the decision-making processes of their schools. They yearned to address the challenges that burdened their learning outcomes, igniting a flame of hope within their hearts.

Veronica Mponzi, an extraordinary RYC hailing from the humble village of Inyala in Mbeya DC, passionately shared her own emotional journey of advocating for student concerns. She vividly recalled her time at Imezu Secondary School in 2019, where the struggles were plentiful. The school was plagued by a dire shortage of teachers, especially in crucial subjects like science and math. Veronica could hardly believe that the school, housing over 800 students, only had three science teachers and two math teachers, blatantly disregarding the educational policy's recommendations. To make matters worse, the classrooms were woefully inadequate, forcing a staggering 55 students to squeeze into a single, overcrowded space.

Undeterred by these daunting challenges, the students at Imezu Secondary School decided to take matters into their own hands. With trembling hope, they poured their heartfelt concerns into a suggestion box, hoping that their voices would be heard. The school principal and the esteemed school board committee convened, compassionately delving into the students' submissions. Their discussions were fueled by empathy and a genuine desire to uplift the students' educational experience.

And then, a remarkable transformation began to unfold. The school administration, touched by the raw emotions and earnest pleas of the students, made a resolute decision. The power of unity, of students and school administrators coming together, prompted the construction of five brand-new classrooms. It was a profound testament to the belief that every student deserved a conducive learning environment, free from the shackles of overcrowding and limitations.

Veronica's voice quivered with a mix of gratitude and determination as she passionately urged her fellow students to embrace alternative avenues, such as the humble suggestion boxes, to express their challenges and recommendations to the school administration. Through tearful eyes, she acknowledged the profound impact of their collective efforts. It was an emotional journey, one that showcased the unwavering spirit of students yearning for a better education.

Veronica's story serves as a poignant reminder that our voices, no matter how young or seemingly insignificant, have the power to inspire change. By bravely speaking up and joining hands, students can ignite a flame of transformation within their schools, breathing life into the very essence of education. Their unified cries can dismantle barriers and pave the way for a brighter future, where every student's dreams can flourish and be realized.