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Submitted by Web Master on 17 July 2023

On 17/02/2023, Joshua Mpossa RYC from Mtembela ward in Mbeya DC visited Idugumbi Primary School after hearing that students were not getting meals at school. Deeply concerned about their well-being, he decided to take action and meet with the headmaster to discuss the challenge. Little did he know, this encounter would mark the beginning of a transformative journey.

During their meeting, the headmaster confirmed the unfortunate reality of the students' hunger. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Joshua extended his efforts by consulting the school committee chairperson. Together, they sought a solution to address the pressing issue of inadequate nutrition for the young learners.

Driven by a sense of responsibility and empathy, Joshua engaged in thorough discussions with the school governing body. Determined to find a sustainable resolution, they collectively decided to organize a parent-teacher session on 29/02/2023. This gathering aimed to find practical ways to resolve the school feeding situation and ensure every student received proper meals.

The parent-teacher session became a pivotal moment for the entire school community. Parents, teachers, and other stakeholders joined forces, recognizing the importance of nourishment in a child's education. During the meeting, a unanimous decision was reached: each parent would contribute one bucket of maize and 3 kgs of beans for each student per year.

With a plan in place, the implementation began swiftly. Parents wholeheartedly embraced their responsibilities, understanding the impact their contributions would have on their children's well-being. The collaborative effort of the school community brought about a positive change.

In no time, the students of Idugumbi Primary School started having meals at school regularly. The implementation of the collective contribution system successfully addressed the challenge of inadequate nutrition. As a result, the school experienced a significant reduction in the problem of school absenteeism.

The story of Joshua Mpossa RYC and the school community of Idugumbi Primary School serves as an inspiring example of how collective action and empathy can lead to transformative changes. Through their dedication, they not only ensured that the students had access to meals but also created an environment that nurtured their education and overall well-being.