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Submitted by Web Master on 17 July 2023

Students in Utengule Usongwe ward, specifically at Nsalanga and Itezi primary schools, endured a distressing two-week period without desks. Shockingly, it was revealed that the cause of this predicament was not due to a shortage of desks but rather the deliberate theft of fifty desks and chairs. This disheartening story is brought to light by Winfrida Solela, an esteemed RYC from Mbeya DC.

Having undergone training on accountability, structure, system, and coordination in the Education sector conducted by Policy Forum through the EOL project under the KUYENDA alliance, Winfrida became equipped to analyze the challenges within the local education system. Deeply concerned about the situation, she visited the affected schools to better understand the incident.

After the suspects responsible for the theft were apprehended, Winfrida actively participated in a village meeting where the matter was discussed. The focus of the meeting was to address the theft of the fifty desks and chairs and devise strategies to enhance the security of the schools. Utilizing the knowledge acquired during her training, Winfrida emphasized the vital importance of school equipment for the students' educational experience.

In a collective effort to prevent future incidents, the meeting called upon villagers to contribute funds for a neighbourhood watch program specifically for the two schools. Additionally, strict action was demanded against any individuals involved in similar misconduct in the future.

This story showcases the dedication and resilience of Winfrida Solela and the community's commitment to ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for the students.