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Submitted by Web Master on 17 July 2023

In August 2022, Sylvester Chawe participated in the 2nd International Quality Education Conference held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As one of the RYCs (Regional Youth Coordinators) facilitated by the EOL project, Sylvester joined policymakers, delegates from Africa and beyond, researchers, educators, stakeholders, and students in this transformative event. The conference aimed to address the challenges facing graduates, particularly in terms of employment, and foster discussions on improving education.

During the conference, a wide range of topics were covered to enhance the quality of education. These included discussions on curriculum enhancements, infrastructure development, resource allocation, and language of instruction. Sylvester acknowledges the Ministry's initial hesitance in adopting some viewpoints. However, recognizing the significance of these issues and their impact on youth employment, certain stakeholder perspectives have been incorporated, albeit in unexpected ways.

Sylvester highlights several areas that have already been addressed. Infrastructure improvements for select schools have been initiated, along with discussions to enhance the national education curriculum. Additionally, there has been a commitment to allocate 30% of the school budget, as outlined in the capitation grants for government primary schools of 2015, towards teaching and learning materials such as chalk, books, and desks. This progress was observed firsthand at Pipeline Primary School in Utengule Usongwe ward.

Sylvester's involvement in the conference and his subsequent observations underscore the tangible steps taken towards improving education in Tanzania. Through the collaborative efforts of stakeholders and the implementation of practical solutions, there is a promising trajectory for empowering students and addressing the challenges they face.