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Submitted by Web Master on 3 June 2022

Given the rapid increase of the population in developing countries like Tanzania, there is an urgency to improve the mobilisation of domestic resources for vital service delivery. Improved mobilization of domestic resources is core towards the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is recognised as crucial in enabling developing countries to graduate from aid.

The need to raise more taxes and strengthen revenue mobilization in most countries is therefore an important component in the process of realizing the SDGs as well as our national development agenda.

We, the members of the Tax Justice Working Group, under the umbrella of Policy Forum have been pioneers of a reliable, just and transparent tax system in Tanzania. Thus, we would like to acknowledge the existing initiatives by the government to mobilise adequate resources domestically with the intention of improving its capacity to finance its own development projects.

 Some of these initiatives have included but are not limited to; digitalisation of the tax systems, enhancing the capacity of tax administrators and improved taxpayers’ education.

 While cognizant of the importance of revenue collection, we are equally concerned about the revenue loss and mismanagement of public funds by various public entities as reflected in the 2020/21 report by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG). Click here to access our full statement.