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Submitted by Web Master on 6 November 2016

Members of the Standing Committee on Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee have commended the work of Policy Forum’s Local Government Working Group members in preparing a booklet that will help sensitize citizens on the constitutional review process  entitled "Mwelekeo wa katiba Mpya Tanzania: Tulipotoka, Tulipo na Tuendako" The appreciation was expressed during the launch of the publication that took place on the 6th of November 2016 at the African Dreams Hotel in Dodoma.

Israel Ilunde, the chairperson of the Policy Forum’s Local Government Working Group, highlighted some proposals in the booklet which include a schedule that should see the culmination of the process ending in the year 2020 and the establishment of a national level meeting for all stakeholders to collect their views on the constitution.

Najma Mkaza, Vice Chairperson of the Committee, assured participants that the President takes the constitution as a priority despite being misrepresented by the media when he addressed them at the beginning of November. She went to further commend the recommendations of PF that are mentioned in the booklet as practical.

Taska Mbogo (Special Seat-Katavi) reminded participants of the roundtable that most citizens in the country are unaware of the constitutional process and therefore called upon Policy Forum to provide more awareness on the issue.

Hebron Mwakagenda, the Vice Chairperson of the Policy Forum, encouraged MPs to continue to push for the constitution and that their efforts will ultimately bear fruit and stakeholders will eventually see the stalled process moving forward.

Semkae Kilonzo, Coordinator of the Policy Forum, said that apart from the constitutional issues, Policy Forum also does advocacy in other policy areas such as producing analysis on budget at both the national and local level when asked by Members of Parliament what the network is doing in terms of monitoring the implementation of Tanzanian policies.

“Our working groups constantly monitor the implementation of policies and you will see from the policy briefs provided that we just recently examined whether the education and health budgets have adequate allocations. Before that, we looked at the Free Education for All policy to determine if it is viable. Our briefs are purposefully abridged for busy MPs and policy makers to digest and use.”  

The Guest of Honor, Hon. Mohammed Omary Mchengerwa invited CSOs to work together with the Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee in future constitutional processes that will follow.

To read the book click here