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Submitted by Web Master on 25 October 2016

On October 26 and 27, 2016, HakiRasilimali Coalition in collaboration with its members: HakiMadini, Interfaith Standing Committee, Policy Forum, ONGEA and Governance Humbly Links will organize a national conference on extractive Industry to be held at Blue Pearl Ubungo Plaza Hotel, Dar es Salaam. A two day conference will commence at 8:00am.

The conference aims to broadening information sharing to build awareness and provide lessons on advocacy strategies in mining, oil and gas economies.

Specifically, the conference will focus on emphasizing efficient use of natural resources for the benefit of the public.

Objectives of the conference are:

  • To scrutinise the current extractive land access practices and the impacts on community rights and livelihoods
  • To understand transparency and accountability initiatives in the extractive sector
  • To assess the link between corporate social responsibility and local economic development in extractive sector
  • To review policy and practices in Artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) formalization and development.
  • To stimulate collaboration and alliance building within Civil Society, Communities and ASM in the region.

The tradition of jointly organizing National Extractive Conferences started in 2011 whereby HakiRasilimali members led by the Interfaith Standing Committee in collaboration with other CSOs organized an alternative Mining Indaba conference alongside an official conference organized by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Arusha Tanzania.

In 2012, HakiRasilimali members led by HakiMadini, Policy Forum and Interfaith Committee organized the first conference for communities impacted by both solid minerals and oil extraction activities in Tanzania as well as artisanal and small miners.

Participants of the 2016 National Conference on Extractive Industry are civil society organizations, faith based organizations, representatives from mining communities, media, mining companies, small scale miners from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, government representative from various agencies, like-minded social actors from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya and Development organizations.

For more information, contact Racheal Chagonja by email  or telephone number 0745 655 655


Racheal Chagonja

HakiRasilimali Coordinator