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The suggested topic intends to address the dwindling participation of the youth population in public procurement in Tanzania. In accordance with Section 64 (2) (c) of Public Procurement Act Cap 410 (as amended) and Regulation 30 C of PPR of 2013 (as amended), all Procuring Entities (public bodies and any other bodies, or units established and mandated by the government to carry out public functions) shall set aside 30% of their annual procurement volume for the special group of youth, women, elders and people with disabilities. 10% to youth, 10% to people with disabilities, 5% to women, and the remaining 5% to elderly people.

Despite the fact that this preferential public procurement is one of the potential, fiscally responsible routes to help integrate young people into the job market, combat poverty and promote inclusive economic growth, the youth population has been largely excluded from this sizeable market due to a lack of access to information on bids, understanding of procedures and ability to meet requirements.

To assist the government and youth procuring entities conceptualize, developing and implementing the existing policies that will enable youth entrepreneurs to participate more fully in public procurement markets, TYC proposed this topic for the January Breakfast Debate