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Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

Community Development for All (CODEFA) is a Non-governmental organisation working to ensure equitable and sustainable economic wellbeing of all communities in Mainland Tanzania. We raise awareness at grassroots level and facilitate communities critically analyse their situation, identify opportunities and obstacles to development, and organise themselves to bring about their own development. Our primary objective is to enable marginalised and vulnerable communities effectively participate in eradicating poverty.


Community Development for All (CODEFA) focus for 2021 – 2025 is on good governance and democracy, social accountability, gender equality and child protection. The strategy is to strengthen capacity of citizen groups and civil society organizations in areas of social protection and accountability, human rights, advocacy and empowerment, and tracking of public resources. The thrust is to improve capacity of marginalized groups to identify opportunities and make use of science and technology to harness resources for their sustainable development. In order to achieve this aim we will promote entrepreneurial and life skills education for women, youth, the elderly and disabled person


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