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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

We are a non-partisan, non-governmental organization registered under the Tanzanian NGO Act of 2002. Our actions are accountable to our members as outlined in our Constitution and Code of Conduct. Our focus on transparency and equality make us the preferred forum within the agriculture sector.


Resource Allocation 

Sector growth and public financing to agriculture have both been in decline. Financing affects both production and productivity. ANSAF is working to better understand government’s prioritization of the sector, educate smallholders on the trend of investment and work towards advocating for an increased budget for better performance and improved livelihoods.

Post Harvest Management

Post harvest Management entails the reducing the loss of weight and the maintenance of overall quality of produce following harvesting. In Tanzania post harvest loss is a critical problem that affects multiple value chains and is a threat to overall food security. ANSAF is working to strengthen national PHM systems.


Poverty and food insecurity are among the drivers of under nutrition. Tanzania has one of the world’s highest rates of chronic malnutrition. Advocating for a better nutrition has therefore the potential to have substantial impact on alleviating poverty.  


Youth play a strategic role in poverty reduction and contribution to the national economy. At ANSAF, we believe that re-engaging youth in the agricultural sector is essential not only for food security but also for reducing youth unemployment.


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