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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

Sikika is a non-governmental organization, its history dates back from 1999. The organization has transformed from working on matters related to youth in reproductive health to broader fundamental health outcomes in areas of Health Governance and Finance, Human Resources for Health, Medicines and Medical Supplies and HIV and AIDS.

The new five-year strategic plan (2019 – 2023) is duly informed by the strategic plan 2016 - 2020. It has two programmes, which are the public finance management and the traditional health governance program.

The Organization has transformed from youth in reproductive health (YAV) to broader fundamental health outcomes namely Health Governance and Financing, Human Resources for Health, Medicines and Medical Supplies and HIV & AIDS. However, we recognized that shortcomings such as poor planning, allocation and mismanagement in the broader area of Public Financial Management (PFM) are a constraint to the achievement of our core goal of catalyzing improvements in health service provision.

Our interventions are based in all zones in Tanzania mainland, both rural and urban areas: Kondoa & Mpwapwa (Dodoma), Simanjiro (Manyara), Singida rural and Kinondoni & Temeke districts (Dar es Salaam). The 2016/20 strategic plan has extended to new districts namely Babati (Manyara), Serengeti & Musoma Urban (Mara),Mbeya Urban & Chunya (Mbeya) and Ikungi (Singida). Others are Siha & Moshi (Kilimanjaro), Iringa Urban & Kilolo (Iringa), Lindi, Urban & Kilwa (Lindi), Kigoma Urban & Kasulu (Kigoma).


Public Finance Management

Sikika Public Finance Management Department was founded in 2016. Our core mission is to promote good financial governance and practices through research in wide range of subjects such as tax policy, budget process, audit, public expenditure and in that way influence policy change in Tanzania.

We are doing evidence-based advocacy – we use research to influence policy change. Our advocacy strategy is based on presenting our research results and recommendations to the Tanzanian policymakers and improving its dissemination through distribution of effective messages such as policy briefs and media presentations as well as building long-term relationships with policymakers at national and district level and in that way raise awareness on issues in the sector and the need for change.


Sikika works to ensure availability and accessibility of quality medicines and medical supplies both at national and district levels. Sikika uses various forums (governmental and non-governmental) to advocate for equitable planning and budgeting for medicines and medical supplies, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the public procurement and distribution of the same. Our advocacy are evidence-based through research and surveys on monitoring medicines and medical supplies, dialogue and meetings with stakeholders to assess challenges that can be addressed through improved the efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the system.

Sikika aims to realize three broad objectives, namely increased budget efficiency, transparency as well as improved oversight function at both central and local level. To achieve these, a continuous engagement is done with key boundary partners – the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities and the Social Services Committee of the Parliament to influence changes in the above stated objectives. Sikika believes that improved budget transparency will increase the participation of citizens in the budget process and therefore increased ownership of the process. Improved efficiency in terms of allocation and use of resources in the health sector as well as proper oversight contribute to delivery of better and quality health services in the country.

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