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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) has distinguished herself as an active and recognized player in the progressive women and civil society movement in the country, Africa and beyond. TGNP is a feminist organisation striving to contribute to the building a vibrant transformative Feminist movement that is grounded locally for the purpose of promoting gender equality and equity, women’s empowerment and social justice.

Our vision is to see “A transformed Tanzanian society in which there is gender equality, equity and social justice”.
The goal is to play a catalyst role in building a movement that is capable of influencing and demanding changes in structures, policy and equitable resource allocation at all level.
Since its inception TGNP has employed strategies to influence national/sectoral policies, planning and budgetary processes for responding to practical and strategic women needs e.g. access to health services, water and reduction of violence for their empowerment. TGNP also engages with policies to trace policy/budgeting impacts and results on women and marginalized groups.

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