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For the FY 2019/20, the Government of Tanzania (GoT) allocated amount of TZS 1,950 billion for the health sector; equivalent to 5.9% of the total government budget. The overall trend of budget allocation for the Health sector has been declining for the past 2 years consecutively. For instance; Health sector budget allocation has gone down by 5.1% from TZS 2,054 billion in the FY 2018/19 to TZS 1,950 billion in the FY 2019/20. Again the Health Ministry Budget for Vote 52 has also gone down for FY 2019/20 TZS 959 billion and FY 2020/21 900 billion TZS. COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented devastation and a worldwide economic standstill of which Tanzania is not invulnerable.