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The MKUKUTA Annual Implementation Report (2007/8) provides an overview of performance, challenges, lessons and way forward on three clusters of MKUKUTA its Progress in financing, monitoring and evaluation.It also includes progress on other processes and reforms, and how these have contributed to achievements of MKUKUTA outcomes.The primary objective of MAIR is to provide progress and stimulate dialogue to inform future plans.

Government in collaboration with stakeholders continued to implement various programs and reforms across social sectors with the aim of enhancing the quality of life and social wellbeing of the people.The implementation of MKUKUTA demanded a substantial amount of resources from all stakeholders, the government Non-State Actors.However the government has continued to be the largest financier The Plan and Budget Guidelines (PBGs) remained the main Government framework for resource allocation to MKUKUTA priorities.The Strategic Budget Allocation System (SBAS) has been used to facilitate strategic resource allocation in line with the MKUKUTA clusters and goals.


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