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Tanzania’s score of 10 on the 2017 Open Budget Index is substantially lower than its score in 2015. Tanzania’s score is in part affected by the change in definition of “publicly available” which from OBS 2017 only recognizes those documents that are published online on the relevant government body’s official website as available to the public.

 Online availability is now considered a basic standard for the publication of government information. As a result of this change, Tanzania no longer receives credit for its Executive’s Budget Proposal and In-Year Reports, which are published only in hard copy. In the case of the Executive’s Budget Proposal, the proposed estimates are not posted online, with only the approved estimates (“as passed by National Assembly”) available on the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s website.

 Since 2015, Tanzania has increased the availability of budget information by:

  Increasing the information provided in the Enacted Budget. However, Tanzania has decreased the availability of budget information by:

Failing to publish the Citizens Budget online in a timely manner. Moreover, Tanzania has failed to make progress in the following ways:

  Not producing a Mid-Year Review or a Year-End Report.