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Submitted by Web Master on 28 April 2020

This submission from the Policy Forum (PF), a network of 76 Tanzanian NGOs brought together by their interest in public money accountability, is a continuation of efforts to contribute to the budget process, discourse and performance. Compiled by its Budget Working Group, the submission focuses on key public sectors namely; education, health, agriculture, youth and water and presents crucial concerns related to resource mobilisation, allocation, and execution and makes recommendations worth consideration in the Parliamentary deliberations. Being the final year of the Five-Year Development Plan  (FYDP  II 2016/17 to 2020/21), the submission takes stock of what has been accomplished across the education, health, agriculture, youth, and water sectors since the plan’s inception and, humbly offers some issue worth considering in the formulation phase of the next development plan. The submission also puts forth other aspects that are in need of concerted interventions in relation  to budgeting, planning or policy. This submission  also  comes  at  a time of uncertainty caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in unprecedented devastation and a worldwide economic standstill of which Tanzania is not invulnerable. The health, education agriculture and tourism sectors have taken a massive hit and livelihoods both in the formal and informal sectors have also been negatively affected. Click here to read more.