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Submitted by Web Master on 22 March 2019

The Embassy of Switzerland in Dar es Salaam through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has launched the third phase of its Social Accountability Programme (SAP) which provides support to key national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who are working to improve accountability in Tanzania.

Switzerland is committed to further its support towards enhanced responsiveness and accountability of public authorities for better services to women, men and youth in Tanzania. Switzerland will contribute USD 7.64 million (TZS 18 billion) over the next four years to key accountability organizations: The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), Policy Forum, and Twaweza.

The Embassy of Switzerland is proud to be partnering with these CSOs who are key policy actors working for the betterment of the lives of ordinary Tanzanians. Switzerland firmly believes that a vibrant civil society is key to Tanzania’s ambitious development agenda of becoming a middle income country by 2025.

SAP complements Switzerland’s support to key accountability actors of the Government of Tanzania, including a long standing partnership with the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in enhancing its investigative capacity, as well as the Swiss contribution to the Good Financial Governance (GFG) programme. The GFG programme, implemented by GIZ, provides capacity building and technical support to the National Audit Office, the Internal Auditor General Division and select local government authorities for improved financial governance and increased domestic resource mobilization.

Switzerland has supported bilateral and regional projects in Tanzania since the early 1960s and continues to provide around USD 22 million in assistance annually, covering the health, employment and income, and governance sectors. 

About FCS

FCS is a grant making and capacity building organization, supporting grassroots CSOs across the country. FCS provides grants and capacity support to an average of 150 CSOs annually under their key thematic focus areas. For more information:

About Policy Forum

Policy Forum is a national policy advocacy network with a membership of 79 CSOs focusing on an accountable use of public resources in various sectors. For more information:

About Twaweza

Twaweza is a regional CSO focusing on citizen agency and civic space. Twaweza works to protect civic space, enable citizen voices to be taken seriously in decision-making and showcase citizens solving their own problems. For more information:

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