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Submitted by Web Master on 21 March 2016

The government is determined to put in place robust strategies that will help promote community engagement in all sectors of the Tanzanian economy, the country's National Economic and Empowerment Council (NEEC) said last week.

Speaking at a meeting with Policy Forum members, Neema Lugakingira, the Acting Director of Local Content and Investments at NEEC said that in order to promote efficiency, the government has moved its local content enhancement work to the Prime Minister's Office.

"Due to it being a cross-cutting issue in all government sectors, it was moved from the ministry of energy and minerals and this office came into force in November 2015."

"The government has currently established that all ministries should have local content desk officers, the target is to have 40 desk officers at the ministerial level,186 desk officers in the Regions and Districts and 60 in government agencies.The contacts of these desk officers will be made public so that citizens can have access to local content information," she said.

She added that different stakeholders such as the media, civil society organizations, government agencies, MDAs etc will be involved in the process whereby they will be capacitated on local content.

She added, moreover, that the government will soon launch a Local Content Information Portal in order for citizens to have access to information. She welcomed CSOs to see where best they can work together with the council in the sector.