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Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2021

Open Mind Tanzania (OMT) is a youth-led cum youth-focused Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It deals with opening minds of people, youth in particular through active participatory advocacy and capacity building in areas of legal, social, and economic empowerment to enable them (youth) become masters of their development and main contributors to the well-being of their society, country and the world at large. 

The organization was established in June 2006 with the mission of ensuring that people have a sound understanding of youth aspirations and development needs, such as the need for business skills and entrepreneurship development; the need for Employability skills, access to decent work, human rights, civic rights and duties, democracy and good governance, economic issues and the legal assistance.


OMT is amongst the leading youth-led and youth-focused development organizations in Tanzania in creating an enabling environment for improving the livelihoods of youth and women including fostering their active participation in development processes. Services provided by OMT ranges from business skills and entrepreneurship development, Employability skills, access to decent work, fostering human rights, fostering civic rights and duties, fostering democracy and good governance, fostering individual and community level economic growth, and promoting access to legal assistance. 

To achieve youth and women’s needs, OMT facilitates women and youth to come up with customized tailor-made solutions to address their unique needs and expectations in a sustainable manner in diverse sectors of social and economic development. OMT programs are focused on the following strategic Key Result Areas:

a. Strengthening Institutional Capacity & Digitalization; 

b.  Increased Youth and Women Access to Employment, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; 

c. Empower Youth to Influence Development Policies and Programs; 

d.  Increased Youth, Women and Children Access to Human Rights; and 

e. Promote Inclusion, Empowerment and Networking.



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