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Submitted by Web Master on 17 August 2023

Doyenne is a non-government organization established in Tanzania with a goal to create a generation of female leaders through programs that train, coach, mentor, and inspire high school and university girls in Tanzania while they are pursuing their academic courses. We create a unique opportunity for girls to develop leadership skills while pursuing academic courses through various programs that expose them to better leadership practices.

Doyenne offers fellowship programs, leadership clubs, local communities form, and conferences that bring together female leaders. All our programs are designed according to the needs, culture, and environment for the aim of equipping girls with the right and appropriate leadership skills.


Niongoze Fellowship

This is the stellar program of the Doyenne Organization designed to recruit young female leaders in High schools and Universities across Tanzania in a one-year-long Leadership training, mentorship, and coaching conducted both physically and virtually.

The fellowship is developed according to the needs, culture, and environment; it equips girls in three pillars of empowerment: Leadership, Confidence, Resilience, and Well-being; to enhance their understanding of leadership at individual, group and community levels.

The fellowship aims at growing and preparing young girls with the appropriate leadership skills needed to achieve global development, advance their community and begin their leadership journey. The fellowship runs annually with a set of four colloquiums conducted both physically and virtually. The fellows are expected to deepen their understanding of leadership and form a network and a supportive community among themselves.

Binti Kiranja

Following the need to grow the network of Niongoze Fellowship Alumnae, We are  establishing a supportive network of aspiring young female leaders from higher learning institutions in Tanzania. Binti Kiranja is a club run by young female leaders who stand out for their potential, accomplishments, and desire to give back to their communities.


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