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The TNRF Secretariat has developed an information pack on the Wildlife Sector as a resource for policy makers and the general public wanting access to independent informationon on the topic. These briefs provide information, data, and analysis about the trends of Tanzania’s wildlife populations, causes of those trends, and various links between national economic growth, poverty reduction, and wildlife management. The aim is for the information in these briefs to encourage more informed public debate about the policies and practices governing wildlife management in Tanzania.

Every effort has been made to develop a balanced and fair analysis of issues based on the best data and information available. The hunting and photographic tourism private sector, civil society (community-based organisations, local NGOs and international NGOs), government (the Wildlife Division) and independent experts have all been consulted in the development of these briefs.

To download PDF versions of the briefs, please visit the TNRF website or click on the link below:


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