1.0. Introduction

Policy Forum is incorporated as a non-profit company under the Companies Act of 2002.The Policy Forum (PF) is a network of more than 76 Tanzanian civil society organizations established in 2003 and drawn together by their specific interest in augmenting the voice of ordinary citizens to influence policy processes that help in poverty reduction, equity and democratization with a specific focus on public money accountability at both central and local levels. Its desired change is to improved Service Delivery through enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources. Long-term organizational impact is to contribute to enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources by improving civil society capabilities and opportunities to influence and monitor policies. This desired organizational impact is what underpins PF’s vision and mission of improved quality of life for the Tanzanian people by influencing and monitoring the implementation of policies relating to accountable use of public resources.

The 2017 -2020 strategic plan focusses more on strengthening the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) practices within the network by fusing RBM with ‘Process Tracing’ to deepen the understanding of the impact of the advocacy and policy influencing work that PF facilitates and help strengthen the ‘contribution claims’ by examining the processes where change is thought to have occurred and improve the credibility of the claims. Policy Forum wishes to gather evidence of the dynamics, causal links, the positive or negative changes and lesson learned throughout the two years of implementing the new SP for program improvement.

3.0. Scope of Work and methodology

It is within the above thinking that Policy Forum seeks to engage an Independent Consultant to;

  • To document case stories on Policy Forum advocacy and policy influencing work so as to evidence-based advocacy
  • To document Lessons from the 2017/2018 implementation so as to inform future programming.

3.3. Methodolodgy

The Consultant will be supported by staff from Policy Forum. The consultant is expected to come up with details of the methodology including

  • Reviewing of PF Strategic documents and 2017/2018 reports
  • Conducting strategic engagement discussions with PF members
  • Conducting discussions with key staff

3.5. Expected outputs

3.6. Duration of the Assignment

The Assignment is expected to start from 3rd December 2018 to 31st January 2019.

3.7. Mode of payment

The consultancy fee will be paid in two instalments: 50% upon signing the contract, and 50% when the final report is approved.

Expiration Date: 
Friday, November 23, 2018

The application should not exceed 5 pages and will reflect the following:

  • Understanding of the mandate
  • Methodology description
  • Timeframe
  • Description of the consultancy team (CVs as separate documents)
  • Budget offer

Interested candidates should send in their application no later than 23rd November 2018 to the email address:

Microsoft Office document icon CASE STORIES TOR.doc68 KB

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