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Israel Ilunde
Board Member
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Postgraduate Diploma in Governance and Leadership, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya
Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, Kimmage DSC, Ireland

Israel Ilunde is the founder and Executive Director of The Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC), a Civil Society Organization working on civic and economic empowerment of Female and Male youth through training in Governance and entrepreneurship, dialogue, advocacy, and field exposure as well as voluntary works. Mr. Ilunde as a Chief Executive Officer of YPC has intensively and broadly facilitated and supervised Project designing, planning, resource mobilization, implementation, Monitoring, Learning, and evaluations of all YPC interventions and effective networking and joint ventures.

Mr. Ilunde who is an active civil society and youth activist for more than 2 decades with both Local and International Exposure in Youth &Development Work, Leadership & Governance, Civic Empowerment &Electoral processes; holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Governance and Leadership from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya and a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from   Kimmage DSC, Ireland (All gotten from MS TCDC, Arusha). He has served in a Development work, Governance and Deepening Local democracy both as CEO and as a consultant, mentor, Coach, and Board member to Several Local and International organizations and networks.

Israel Ilunde’s areas of expertise include Organization Development, Election monitoring and Observation,Youth work, Governance &Leadership training,

Policy Analysis, Evidence-based Advocacy, Strategic Planning, Project management, conflict management, Entrepreneurship training, Monitoring, and evaluation.

Additionally, Ilunde is good at Organizing, Facilitating and Moderating professional Events (Both online and physical), rapporteur and report writing, Mentoring and Coaching in Leadership, Politics, Youth work and Development, Advocacy as well networking.

Kwa Sera Zinazonufaisha Watanzania