The Tanzania Anti-Poverty Campaign also referred to a Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP-Tanzania) hereby announces the annual anti-poverty day which provides a chance to ordinary people in their own words to air their views on Tanzanian’s progress in the fight against poverty and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In Tanzania there will be a number of stand-up and take action against poverty events which will be locally organised in various districts and sub-counties, but will be crowned up by a central event which will be held in Dar Es Salaam.

All the events will follow the conventional stand-up format of going through the progress details on how Tanzania is performing on the MDGs and anti-poverty fight and then a debate which will elite the people’s views. This will be followed by the reading of the stand-up and take action against poverty pledge, during which time the people will stand to show their support of the pledge.

Stand-up and take action against poverty 2008 event

This year the stand-up event will take place between 17th and 18th October. Among the confirmed activities is the standing up by students and pupils from all over, standing –up by religious groups, and civil groups through out Tanzania in their district and regional CSO networks arrangement. The slogan for this year’s event is “stand-up and take action against poverty”, this slogan seeks to remind the Tanzanian citizenry that it has a role to play in the anti-poverty fight.

Other objectives of this year’s poverty day commemoration are:

  1. Creating solidarity among the anti-poverty actors by coordinating then centrally.
  2. Increase the public awareness about the state of poverty in Tanzania toady.
  3. To explain the roles and responsibilities of other actors other than government actors in the anti-poverty fight.
  4. Give a citizens opinion what they think of the government’s implementation of MDGs and the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction (NSGPR/MKUKUTA).
  5. To pressurise the government and the development partners to honour their to the Millennium declaration which increase the quality and quantity of sending on MDGS and the fight against poverty.

What will happen during the stand-up event?

Below are some of the vents which will take place in this year’s stanbd-up events:

  1. Performance by art on the theme of MDGs and Poverty.
  2. Public debate on the state of MDGs and MKUKUTA implementation in Tanzania.
  3. The actual reading of the pldeges and standing-up. 

  1. Signing the pledge.

Who can participate in this event?

Every citizen cab take part in this event epecially but should be committed to the cause of ridding the world of excruciating poverty by the global set date of 2015 and the subsquent Tanzania date of 2025, whose progress in the med-term will be reviewed in 2010. For  more information about this process contact the stand-preparation committee which comprises a number of organisations and individuals who are committed to the anti-poverty fight. The committee is coordinated by the GCAP-Tanzania coordination office which is housed at the office premises of the Tanzania Association of  Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO).

N:B If you want to register an event please do so by 16th October 2008.


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