East Africa PETS Conference


24/10/2007 - 9:00am
26/10/2007 - 5:00pm
City: Arusha
Location within the city:

(BWG) Background


The Budget Working Group (BWG) meets on a monthly. This group analyses and advocates on the use and acquisition of public money at national and sub-national levels. Its activities include, conducting and sharing analyses on public budgets and the budget process from a civil society perspective, producing analytical briefs from time to time for public dissemination, conducting various advocacy activities to influence policy-making and implementation, and to provide a forum for shared learning and capacity enhancement in budget analysis and advocacy.

Policy Forum’S Collaboration With Office Of Parliament Underway



Policy Forum’s planned collaboration with Office of Parliament for the year 2008 commenced this month with a series of sessions with Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff and members of civil society organisations.

(BWG) Budget Briefs


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(BWG) Meeting Minutes


Meeting minutes of the Budget Working Group are provided below:

Quality Engagement: Towards Better Working Terms Between Government And Civil Society

While there have been instances where Government and civil society have worked together constructively, the relationship between the two sectors is more often characterized by mutual suspicion and antagonism. Government has validly criticized civil society for not being transparent, and for not always offering tangible solutions when it is critical of Government policy or practices.


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