Governance and Mobilization of Resources: Improve Service Delivery in the Country

The Government has a big responsibility to provide citizens with better community services. For the Government to perform this responsibility to the community it needs various resources including financial resources. Failure of the Government to collect enough revenue reduces its ability to provide better services to its people.

Various studies indicate that Tanzania is faced with a number of challenges that have resulted to failure to mobilize adequate domestic resources which could be used to improve delivery of services.


Legislative frameworks that allow enjoyment of the right to social accountability

First thing first let me start by defining what is right to social accountability. This is the  right to demand and being given fundamental rights by the state. Fundamental rights are the human needs and other rights that are not limited to political leadership terms. Right to social accountability allows the public to question performance of public officials with regard to management of the public goods and resources and it insists a culture of demanding duty bearers to explain and justify decisions and actions of their performance toward realizing human needs and capability.


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