Policy Forum'S New Board Members 2012


Policy Forum elected its new Board of Directors during its 2012 Annual General Meeting held in Dar es Salaam on the 4th of May. The outgoing board members are Julie Adkins of SNV Tanzania, Esther Mongi of World Vision Tanzania, Emmanuel Kallonga of HAKIKAZI-Catalyst and Kellen Mngoya of HAFOTA who retired during this AGM leaving behind Sr. Rita Toutant - The Tanzania Network of Community Health Funds (TNCHF),Ben Taylor – Daraja and Audax Rukonge- Agricultural Non State Actors' Forum (ANSAF) to stay on for another year so that there is a balance between replacement and continuity on the Board.

In their parting speech they thanked PF members for giving him the opportunity to serve on the Board and for their cooperation during his tenure and wished the new Board of Directors all the best in carrying on the good work of the network and leading the Secretariat. Hence, the new line up is as follows:

New Board Members

1. Aida Kiangi – ActionAid Tanzania 
2. Godfrey Wawa- Forum Syd
3. Hellen Kijo-Bisimba – Legal and Human Rights Centre
4. Nemence Iriya/ Asia Lembariti  - MACSNET

Board Members staying on for another year

5. Sr. Rita Toutant - The Tanzania Network of Community Health Funds (TNCHF) 
6. Ben Taylor - Daraja
7. Audax Rukonge - Agricultural Non State Actors' Forum (ANSAF).

A picture of new board members and the leaving board members

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