Policy Forum (PF) has launched its sixth Tanzania Governance Review


Policy Forum (PF) has launched its sixth Tanzania Governance Review that looks at the quality of governance in the country and covers major events and trends in aspects including management of state finances by central and local government, the efficiency and effectiveness of state-provided services, public procurement, tax collection and exemptions and the performance of internal and external accountability processes.

Entitled “Tanzania Governance Review 2014: The year of ‘Escrow,” and launched during the PF breakfast debate held on the 29th of July, 2016, the review focuses on grand and political corruption involving the Tegeta Escrow Account (TEA) scandal which was by far the most important public policy issue of 2014 that exposed weaknesses of the country's formal institutions and the failure of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) process set up to draft and endorse a new constitution prior to a referendum before the end of president Kikwete’s second term. The review process stalled after party politics replaced an inclusive approach.

The review also covers the performance of the executive, parliament, the judicial system, PCCB and the CAG. It looks at the regulatory framework, examines media and civil society responses and summarises the donor community’s reaction of withholding aid disbursements pending the satisfactory resolution of the Escrow saga.

To read the review click on the following link: http://www.policyforum-tz.org/sites/default/files/TGR2014OnlineVersion.pdf  



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