Policy Forum Mourns The Passing Of Steven Kanumba


The Secretariat of Policy Forum, on behalf of the entire network’s members, mourns the sudden death of Steven Kanumba, a film Director and actor who worked with Policy Forum on dramatizing the Social Accountability Monitoring concept.

The screenplay concept that Policy Forum, its scriptwriters and Kanumba jointly developed, resulted in the production of the movie “Kijiji cha Tambua Haki”, a tale that depicts the everyday struggles of rural community members in the fight for accountable local governance.

On behalf of the entire Policy Forum family, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the family of Kanumba. Together with the entire country, we share their loss and hope that they will take comfort in the knowledge that we considered Steven Kanumba as a very professional  young man and inspiration to us and so many other Tanzanians.

A promo clip of the movie can be found here:http://www.policyforum-tz.org/node/8322

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