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Submitted by Web Master on 8 March 2022
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Introduction to Policy Forum

Policy Forum (PF) is a network of 60 civil society organizations founded in 2003 registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the NGOs’ Act, 2002 with the registration number NGO/R2/00015. PF has diverse members that are drawn together by a specific interest in influencing policy processes to enhance poverty reduction, equity and democratization focusing on public money accountability at both central and local levels. The network desires for improved Service Delivery through enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources. The long-term organizational impact is to contribute to enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources by improving civil society capabilities and opportunities to influence and monitor policies. This is what underpins PF’s vision and mission of improved quality of life for the Tanzanian people by influencing and monitoring the implementation of policies relating to accountable use of public resources.

Predominantly the network operates through two working groups, namely Budget Working Group (BWG) and Local Governance Working Group (LGWG). Each brings together members to influence policy and budget processes through dialogues and strategic engagements using different platforms at the national and local levels respectively. Apart from the two, the network also convenes the Tax Justice Working Group (TJWG) which advocate for a just and transparent tax system.


Policy Forum has been conducting training and capacity enhancement sessions for its members to fully equip them with the capacities and skills for them to influence and monitor the implementation of policies relating to public resources. This being its core mandate, over the past few years PF conducted training to its members such as policy analytical skills, packaging advocacy messages, gender-responsive budgeting, SDGs and government structures and system. PF worked under the assumption that imparting knowledge to its members on how to monitor, analyse and influence policies would result in its actual application. To promote learning within and beyond the network, PF wishes to produce a documentary showing how member(s) benefited from the training provided in enhancing their organizational capacities and in promoting accountable use of public money at their levels of intervention.

Scope of the Assignment

The consultant will be required to prepare a documentary that narrates a story touching the network efforts in enhancing members' capacities, how members apply the knowledge and skills acquired and how has that brought change to beneficiaries/communities as far as public money accountability is concerned. Representatives from the Budget and Local Governance working groups (BWG & LGWG) and their beneficiaries will be part of the story. The documentary should portray the best practices simply for the users to understand the learnings communicated. The documentary will involve two PF members and their beneficiaries located in the Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions.

Key deliverables

Policy Forum wishes to engage a consultant to document the aforementioned best practices from two WGs members focusing on how members influence public money accountability at their areas of interventions through applied knowledge.

  1. Produce and deliver a 10–15-minute documentary (video) presenting how the network influenced public money accountability through members.
  2. Deliver a visual story using still photos taken during the production of the documentary.
  3. Deliver a well-written success story.
How To Apply

How to Apply

Interested Consultants should submit a proposal stating the understanding of the assignment, company profile, proposed work plan, financial proposal and sample of a similar work s/he have produced. Interested candidates should send in their application with a subject line “Documentary on best practices” no later than the 17th March 2022 to the email address: 

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