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Submitted by Web Master on 31 January 2022
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Introduction to Policy Forum

Policy Forum (PF) is a network of over 60 civil society organizations founded in 2003 registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the NGOs’ Act, 2002 with the registration number NGO/R2/00015. PF has diverse members that are drawn together by a specific interest in influencing policy processes to enhance poverty reduction, equity and democratization focusing on public money accountability at both central and local levels. The network desires for improved Service Delivery through enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources. The long-term organizational impact is to contribute to enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources by improving civil society capabilities and opportunities to influence and monitor policies. This is what underpins PF’s vision and mission of influencing accountable and equitable use of public resources through improved partnership.

Background information

Like in previous periods, the 2021-2024 Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategy (PMEL) of Policy Forum focuses on strengthening the assessment and documentation of evidence on performance and achievements for iterative improvement and institutional learning. In 2021, Policy Forum engaged five community radio stations to broadcast 20 radio programmes respectively from May to November 2021. The contracted community radio stations are as follows:



Mashujaa FM (Lindi)

Lindi and Mtwara

Safari Radio (Mtwara)

Mtwara, Lindi and Coast Region

Nuru FM (Iringa)

Iringa, Njombe, Dodoma

Kahama FM (Kahama)

Shinyanga, Simiyu, Tabora, Kigoma, Mwanza, Kagera and Geita

Dodoma FM (Dodoma)

Dodoma and Singida


The overall objective of the radio programmes is to raise awareness and inform the audiences on systemic policy issues and how they impact their communities. The programmes are designed to increase knowledge to the public and emphasise the importance of being an active citizen while promoting accountable use of public resources.

Reports from the engaged radio stations identified a number of stories showing how these programmes triggered a sense of accountability among societies that are worth documenting to promote learning and adaptation. Among others, the case that came out most worthy of further interrogation was about community radio programs broadcast by Safari FM located in Mtwara where a health facility (located in Newala) that was built by the community became operational after receiving support from the government. The community built the facility to address challenges of accessing health care due to long distances and poor infrastructure, causing distress for patients, pregnant women and parents of infants.

To this end, to improve our advocacy efforts and better raise public awareness of our work, PF seeks to engage a consultant to produce a video documentary that adequately captures the above case and the role of the network in the outcome as well as the lessons to benefit other like-minded organisations.


Policy Forum wishes to engage a consultant to document the aforementioned case study from one of its community radio programs (broadcast by Safari FM).

The consultant is expected to:

  1. Produce and deliver a 20-minute documentary (video) presenting how the programme contributed to the completion of the health facility in Newala and the story behind its success.
  2. Deliver a visual story using still photos taken during the production of the documentary.
  3. Deliver a well-written success story.



How To Apply

Interested consultants are required to submit a brief proposal stating the understanding of the assignment, budget, company profile and proposed work plan. Interested candidates should send in their application with a subject line ‘Success Story’ no later than the 11th February 2022 to the email address:

Please note: Due to a large number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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