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1.0. Introduction to Policy Forum

Policy Forum (PF) is a network of over 60 civil society organizations founded in 2003 registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the NGOs’ Act, 2002 with registration number NGO/R2/00015. PF has a diverse member that are drawn together by a specific interest of influencing policy processes to enhance poverty reduction, equity and democratization focusing on public money accountability at both central and local levels. The network desires for improved Service Delivery through enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources. Long-term organizational impact is to contribute to enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources by improving civil society capabilities and opportunities to influence and monitor policies. This is what underpins PF’s vision and mission of influencing accountable and equitable use of public resources through improved partnership.

2.0. Background information of breakfast Debate

The Policy Forum ‘People and Policies 7.30 Debates’ began in 2003 as a collaborative effort with HakiElimu and The Business Times. On the last Friday of a month between January and November, monthly morning policy discussions are being held organized by PF in collaboration with different members on various issues. It was intended for the sessions to be brief in order to limit the time investment and to make it easier for members and other audience to attend. The sessions allowed participants to discuss and debate on issues as well as challenges existing within our societies on different perspectives and exchange views with likeminded colleagues from different organizations.

Following the outbreak of COVID 19 in the year 2020 in the country, the morning breakfast debate timing and modality were reviewed to best fit the situation. As the result a virtual option to participate was introduced and changed the timing from 7:30 to 08:00AM which gave a wider opportunity for more to engage. The debates are reported in the English and Swahili press and, when possible, videotaped and edited for TV presentation.


2.1. Objectives of Breakfast Debate

  1. The Breakfast debates are conducted to fulfill the following objectives
  2. To allow PF members to use the platform to show case their work and provide recommendations to improve systemic issues or policies
  3. To provide a space for stakeholders and partners to present, discuss and provide recommendations to improve different sectors such as education, health, extractive industry, public resources etc.
  4. To provide space and opportunities for the public to participate and share their views, experiences and knowledge on particular topics
  5. To allow dialogues which provide recommendations, raising awareness to attendees and sharing useful information on current trends to the public

2.3. Breakfast Debate Modality

BD space Application procedures

Policy Forum members, partners or stakeholders contacts Policy Forum secretariat to ask for a BD slot of a given month. The application is done by filling in and submitting the form designed for specific month. When there is no applicant, PF contacts its members, partners or stakeholders and suggest topics to be presented for a particular month, once that applicant agrees, the Advocacy and Engagement Unit which is responsible for organizing the debate sends the request form to potential stakeholder/ partner/ member to be the discussant.

Topic presentation modality

The applicant prepares the presentation and a person who will deliver it. The applicant may also provide names for discussant(s).  This is how the set-up is:

  • 8:00-8:30AM A presentation
  • 8:30-9:00AM comments from the discussant
  • 9:00-10:00am plenary and group discussion

Sometimes, the debate might have two presenters or two discussants, however the case, the time of the debate should be from 8:00 to 10:00AM.

2.4. Nature of Participants

The Breakfast Debates involve stakeholders from both government and non-government, development partners, civil society, media and any public participant.


Policy Forum seek to engage an Independent Company/Consultant to conduct an evaluation study to review the breakfast debate and document outcomes, lessons of the debate to the targeted groups.

3.1. Objectives of the Study

The morning breakfast debate evaluation pursue to assess outcomes and learnings brought from the applicants/presenters who used the BD platform to communicate various themes/topic with key decision makers and wider communities/attendees.

3.2. Specific Objectives

  1. Relevance – Assess the relevance of the breakfast debate as a platform to engage on policy issues and the public
  2. Effectiveness – Assess how effective are the strategies used to conduct breakfast debate
  3. Impact - Identify and analyze the significant changes that breakfast debate has brought to the CSOs and community at large.
  4. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion – Assess how the breakfast debate topics have managed to address gender issues in the community
  5. Lessons – What are the lesson along the way and how the lessons can inform future programing

3.3. Scope of work

The evaluation will cover 11 Applicants/ presenters from all the organizations that applied for the breakfast debate space this year. All the Organizations who requested for the space and some government officials as well as audiences participated in the debates will be consulted in this study.


3.4. Methodology of the Study

The study will employ interviews in order to allow in-depth participation in the process. The Evaluation will be supported by staff from Policy Forum. The consultant is expected to come up with details of the methodology for conducting the evaluation based on the evaluation objectives.

3.5. Output of the Study

  • Inception report: The inception report should show the evaluation design including methodology and sampling, the proposed study tools and work plan. (1 week)
  • A draft report from the evaluation. (2 week)
  • Presentation of the final evaluation report. (1 week)

3.6. Expertise and Experience

Combined extensive demonstrable professional experience in conducting similar tasks while offering high quality results with profound knowledge of Advocacy interventions, Policy and processes, social accountability initiatives, Domestic Resource Mobilization as well as CSOs learning investments.

How To Apply

Proposal Submission Requirements

Interested candidate should submit a brief proposal with a background, understanding of assignment, theoretical review, the methodology, budget and proposed work plan. The application should also contain CVs of the Consultant(s) and sample of previous similar evaluation conducted.

ALL applications should be sent not later than 15th November 2021 to the email address:

Please note: Due to large number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Executive Director

Policy Forum

P.O Box 38486, Dar-es-Salaam.

Email :  

Mobile : 0782317434       

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