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Submitted by Web Master on 9 April 2021
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The Policy Forum (PF) is a network of more than 60 Tanzanian civil society organisations drawn together by their interest in augmenting the voice of ordinary citizens to influence policy processes that help in poverty reduction, equity and democratisation with a specific focus on public money accountability in both central and local levels. PF seeks to contribute to enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources by improving civil society capabilities and opportunities to influence and monitor policies.

To this end, PF wishes to analyse the implementation of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) in Tanzania with a specific focus on mineral sector governance (Cluster 5). Unveiled at the February 2009 African Union Summit in Addis Ababa as the overarching continental framework to promote transparent, equitable and optimal extraction of mineral resources to stimulate industrialisation through value addition and diversification and enhance linkages to the broader national and sub-regional economies. To help domesticate the AMV at the country level, the Country Mining Vision (CMV) tool was conceived requiring the governments of member states (Tanzania being one among them) to align their national objectives with the ideas underpinning the tenets.


For many years, Policy Forum has been involved in advocacy to enhance transparency in the use of public resources, increase awareness of oversight bodies on the equitable use of public resources as well as promoting domestic resource mobilisation. The current PF- Strategic Plan 2021-2024 focuses on contributing to inclusive decision making of which provision and accessibility of information related to the extractive industry is a prerequisite.  PF’s aspiration on transparency, hence, tallies with the AMV cluster 5 goal of promoting sustainability and a well-governed mining sector that is inclusive and appreciated by all stakeholders including surrounding communities.

It is against this rationale and background that Policy Forum places a call to seek consultancy services to undertake a study that broadly explores how the mineral sector is governed in the country with reference to AMV cluster 5.

Objectives of Analysis

To conduct thorough analysis of the implementation of the AMV in Tanzania by focusing on cluster 5 (mineral sector governance).

Specific objectives

  1. To examine the AMV cluster five main goal which is (To create a sustainable and well governed mining sector that is inclusive and appreciated by all stakeholders including surrounding communities), including how it is being domesticated and what are the impacts.
  2. To probe how the activities and outcomes as outlined in the AMV action plan have been implemented and achieved in the country.
  3. Identification of advocacy gaps and recommendations that can help in attaining full domestication of the AMV cluster five


The consultant is expected to provide a draft report of the analysis to Policy Forum within 30 days after being engaged. Specifically, The consultant will be required to prepare and submit the following;

a)          An Inception report together with the approach and workplan.

b)          A draft report with key findings and recommendations presented to PF for inputs

c)          A final report of the study

How To Apply

Interested consultants should attach an analysis plan, budget, CV and a sample of previous analyses conducted. All documents should be sent to with subject “AMV consultancy” by April 23rd 2021

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